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The chief of the First Nation of Nacho Nyak Dun says he isn taking part in the First Nation upcoming election, which he considers Chief Ed Champion told the News he wasn even in the territory when he heard the election had been called.

was in Winnipeg in December for the Assembly of First Nations election when I found out about this, he said.

not running in this election because if I did, I "Anadrol 50" have to agree with it. The question is, what happens on March 6? The election to choose one chief, one deputy chief, four councillors and one youth councillor is scheduled to take place on March 5.

Champion, elected in Nov. 2012, is only two years into his four year term.

He said he has a few theories about why council had called the election.

The first one has to do with Victoria Gold Corp., which struck an exploration agreement with the First Nation back in Dec. 2011. A letter of intent signed at the time lays the groundwork for the company to stake new parcels on Nacho Nyak Dun land adjacent to Victoria Dublin Gulch Project.

Champion said that when he was elected the following year, there was a review of all the mining agreements throughout the traditional territory.

One that came to surface as needing a lot more investigation was Victoria Gold, he said.

that became evident, a Anavar Reddit re negotiation team was put together and they were to report back to the assembly periodically. It got to the point where it became very contentious. Champion said council fired the re negotiation team without providing him with any explanation.

Another source of contention is plans for a "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" comprehensive review of the Nacho Nyak Dun constitution.

have been a number of changes to our constitution over the past 20 years, which haven necessarily filtered their way through the acts and regulations, so things aren in alignment, he said.

what has allowed for an unlawful election to take place. Since becoming chief I been pushing for a legislative review but nothing has happened. No councillors "Anaboliset Aineet" responded to a request for comment by Monday morning.

Very rich comments from Ed Champion. Of course, he was at the General Meeting in November where the resolution was passed calling for a new election. He was sitting in the room so he was well aware of the election call by NND citizens. Perhaps if Ed spent any time in Mayo, he would know what is going on with NND citizens. We are upset with an absent Chief who is completely out of touch with citizens. He constantly rattles on and on about the NND mining "Anaboliset Aineet" agreements. He needs to get over the fact that he was fired as the negotiator by the previous Chief Do Oral Steroids Work Immediately and Council and, as the Chief, he has been wasting time and lots of legal fees over the past two years to try to prove that he was right. But he still has not Buy Boldenone India convinced the citizens at this point, who cares. "buy cheap jintropin online" We just want a Chief who takes his job seriously and is committed to work with us.

It is disappointing that this guy has who no connection with this land or the people, has become the face on the Peel Watershed Court Case. There have been so many Elders and community members who have in depth knowledge of the land, the issues and the people, yet this guy is always picked from the media. Can he point traditional hunting camps on a map? Tell of trails used by his ancestors? No. He repeats the same three lines in every interview. There are many Elders in Mayo and other communities that could speak to this issue.

From my recollection neither of these theories were part of the discussion held at the NND General meeting in November when this council resolution was brought to the assembly.

The NND constitution 6.1 the First Nation Assembly has overall responsibility for First Nation powers and responsibility Perhaps this is why are where we are the people (citizens, assembly ) have the power and the chief job is to take direction from the assembly.

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